Thestream channel differs amid sites upstream and downstream of the damin terms of the volume of water flow. In the upstream, there is avast volume of water flow while the volume of water flow in thedownstream is meager. Besides, in the upstream, water flows morerapidly compared to the flow in the downstream. This is critical indetermining the type of sediment that is likely to be found in bothsites. In the upstream site, since there is a vast flow of water andflows rapidly, large sediments are likely to be associated with thesite. However, in the downstream, where the water volume is meagerand flows slowly, small and massive sediments are likely toaccumulate on the site.



Thisgraph is utilized by geologists and hydrologists in establishingwhether a river is likely to erode, deposit, or transport sediments.The upper curve depicts critical erosion velocity as a function ofparticle size. On the other hand, the lower curve depicts depositionvelocity as a function of particle size.


Iam interested in documenting on the water retention rates ofdifferent soils, and establishing whether the retention rate dependson the soil texture. I am interested in this topic because it willhelp in explaining why river’s discharge decreases at differentrates as it passes through different soil textures. I intend to makeobservations in the lab using different soils that have varyingtextures. In the lab, different soils having varying textures will beplaced in a jar, equal amounts of water put in the jars containingthe soil, and time recorded on the amount of water after one hour.