21st Century Problem

21stCentury Problem


21stCentury Problem

Thetheory of transformative learning states that the methodology of&quotperspective transformation&quot has three dimensions:behavioral (the perspective of changes in lifestyle), psychological(the perspective of changes in understanding of the self), andconvictional (the perspective of revision of belief systems).Transformative learning is the growth of perception through thechange of basic perspective and particular limits of oneselftransformative learning is imparted through consciously controlledmethodologies.

Personally,when I came to USA for the first time, I did not eat meat. I am avegetarian. Additionally, I am a Muslim. Hence, I do not consumepork. Furthermore, my religion (Muslim) does not permit me to consumepork. I likewise discovered that individuals of the Jewish religiondo not consume pork because Jewish scriptural law classifies pigs asunclean creatures alongside a few different creatures and fowl. InIslam, it is a wrong to consume pork. Muslims are forbidden toconsume pork unless it is in a critical situation such as forsurvival. For instance, if one is lost in the wilderness, and theonly creatures he/ she can discover is wild hogs or pigs, then he orshe are permitted to consume the meat on the grounds that they haveto live. Just under circumstances like that, then can Muslims consumepork.

Muslimsthink about pigs and dogs as impure abomination. The key 21st Centuryissue in Islam taboo dietary is Pork. Practically majority of otherpeople in different countries consume pork. Nonetheless, itimpossible to find a Muslim entrepreneur in the pork business. Mostmeat processing plants and slaughterhouses process Pork. This is a21st Century issue to the Muslim individuals. Moreover, most animalby-products produced from animals in the western countries containPork. To manage this 21st Century problem, it is hence prompted thatMuslims should not purchase meat from shops that likewise sell porkor pork by-products.

Inconclusion, the Islamic method for slaughtering animals is differentfrom other religions. One of the principle enactments concerning thereasonability of meat is that it should be slaughtered as per theorders of the religion. Taboo is any sort of creature if it dies ofstrangulation, due to natural cause, because of a blow, by thegutting of horns, and if the animal has been consumed by wild animalsto some extent. Rather, in order to make meat fit for consuming, itmust be butchered by cutting through the neck, through the trachea,throat, the jugular veins and esophagus, without cutting the spinalcord. This strategy is surely the best and most humane technique toslaughter a creature to make for consumption.