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Question – Answers

Question–Answers Author’sName Question–Answers Q.1 ThoughI enjoy reading stories on superstitions, I do not believe them. Manyof the modern day superstitions were formed to keep persons fromtaking a certain action. For instance, &quotBreak a mirror andsuffer seven years of misfortune.&quot Other superstitions such as“knocking on wood” were believed to bring luck (Adams, 2003). TheRomans, Chinese, Greek, Indian and African […]

William Janklow versus Newsweek, Inc

WILLIAM JANKLOW VERSUS NEWSWEEK, INC 7 WilliamJanklow versus Newsweek, Inc WilliamJanklow versus Newsweek, Inc WilliamJanklow, a former South Dakota governor, filed a case againstNewsweek Magazine on allegation that it published a defamationarticle on February 21, 1983. The article titled Denis Banks’ LastStand claimed that Janklow initiated Bank’s prosecution in 1974, asretaliation on the latter’s report to the tribal […]

Business Recommendation

BusinessRecommendation Tableof Contents 1.0: Introduction 3 2.0: Overview of business opportunities and risks in Nigeria 4 3.0: Identification and evaluation of Business Opportunities 5 4.0: Business Risks in Nigeria 7 4.1: Ethnic issues in Nigeria 7 4.2: Political challenges in Nigeria 8 4.3: Economic risks 9 5.0: Business recommendations 10 5.1: Market opportunities 10 5.2: Setting a company […]

Partnership in Care

Partnershipin Care Partnershipin Care TransformativeLearning Theory JackMezirow is credited for developing transformative learning theory.The theory maintains that the manner in which learners understandtheir senseand skills is vital in developing meaning that supportslearning (Instructionaldesign.org,2014).Accordingto this theory, there are two types of leaning: communicative andinstrumental learning. Instrumental learning puts much considerationon solving task-oriented problems and finding out cause and effectrelationships. […]


ABORTION 5 refers to the deliberate removal of a fetus at the request of themother. Usually, the issue of abortion focuses on law and politics.However, the fundamental of ethics has not been given the attentionit deserves. Many believe that the law should not focus on themorality of it, but they fail to understand that a good law should […]

Annotated Bibliography

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 5 AnnotatedBibliography Shapira-Lishchinsky,O. (2014). Simulations in nursing practice: toward authenticleadership. Journalof Nursing Management22, 60-69. Theauthor of this article is professionally associated with thedepartment of Educational Administration, Leadership and Policy,School of Education at the Bar-Ilan University. The chief issue beinginvestigated in this article entails the incorporation of teamsimulations for authentic leadership. According to the author, thereis not […]

Standard and Rule Setting in the Accounting Industry

Standardand Rule Setting in the Accounting Industry InstitutionAffiliation: Abstract Thereporting of financial statements requires comprehensive standards toensure conformity, comparison of statements, and conclusive reportson the management of organizations. In this regards, the assessmentof the standard and rule setting in the accounting industry willprovide a critical and comprehensive framework on the roles andinterconnections of different accounting bodies such as […]

Domestic Partner Benefits

DOMESTIC PARTNER BENEFITS 5 DomesticPartner Benefits DomesticPartner Benefits Theimportance of employees cannot be gainsaid or understated as far asthe growth, profitability and sustainability of any organization isconcerned. Indeed, it has well been acknowledged that theirproductivity is directly tied to the overall productivity of aparticular business entity or organization. This has essentiallynecessitated that they be provided with numerous benefits […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Old Versus New

CorporateSocial Responsibility Old Versus New Inthe recent past, a group of stakeholders have turned toorganizations, instead of governments, in addressing the continuingenvironmental problems that include fisheries depletion, forestdegradation, climate change, mining destruction, and social problemssuch as human and employee rights. Stakeholders can use boycotts inmaking organizations pay for their externalities that are noted intheir operations. Besides, stakeholders can […]