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Evaluating the Social Media

Evaluatingthe Social Media Socialmedia has become an important communication platform where manypeople interact and exchange information. It has created a platformfor individuals to create and share information on the internet.Social media websites have given everyone an opportunity to exchangeinformation, post, to network and give feedbacks among other onlineactivities. Social media has helped to spread information fast. Inaddition, it […]

The Problems of Team Building in Global Companies

PROBLEMS OF TEAM BUILDING IN GLOBAL COMPANIES 18 Abstract Communication, trust and leadership problems manifest in globalcompanies. Team building in global companies implies that individualsfrom different cultures work together on the similar projects.Cross-cultural communication challenges emerge during team buildingin global companies, because team members do not share a similarlanguage, and behavior patterns. Globalization has made it possiblefor teams […]

Argumentation and Persuasion Outline

ARGUMENTATION AND PERSUASION OUTLINE 4 Argumentationand Persuasion Outline Introduction: Abortion entails the termination of pregnancy prior to reaching its complete term of nine months. The topic of abortion is divisive amidst pro-life and pro-choice due to its legality and ethical consequences. Abortion should not be legalized because it entails killing the unborn, may lead to death, and leaves […]

nelson mandela

NelsonMandela is famous for his journey to freedom after serving 27 yearsin prison, and later becoming the president of South Africa. Despitehis royal upbringing, he catapulted into national prominence andsuccessfully changed the course of history to end apartheid in SouthAfrica. Nelson Mandela fought racialism fearlessly and ultimately, heassisted in creating a new South Africa, where prejudice, danger andcruelty […]

Weapons and natural disasters

WMDs Weaponsand natural disasters Unit Weaponsof mass destruction Nuclear-weapons that rely on nuclear reactions for explosions. The reactionare either fusion or fission or even a combination of both. It has alonger lasting effect beyond the explosion through radiation. Biological-weapons that rely on living things such as bacteria and viruses withthe intent to kill or harm other living things. […]

Homeland security

Transport and Terrorism Homelandsecurity Unit Thesecurity industry has been on the limelight over security concerns.Ortmeier (2013) notes that the trucking industry is vulnerable toterror attacks as it is often perceived too minor. A case scenario onthis issue had used an example of a hijacked gasoline truck which hasthe potential to be a dangerous weapon. Industry players havereassured the […]

Complementary and Alternative Treatment for Depression

Complementary and Alternative Treatment Depression 9Complementaryand Alternative Treatment for Depression ComplementaryandAlternative Treatment Depression Depressionis a commondisorderthat is closelylinkedto thephysicalhealth.Andrews (2010) describedepressionas thepredominantpsychiatric syndromeof aging,with significanteffectson health-related quality.Depressionhas nogender,lifestyle backgroundpredilection,orage,andcan potentiallyoccurin allpersons.Forthisreason,itis highlyprevalentin a largepopulation,affectingapproximately121 million peopleworldwide.Accordingto Andrews, depressionis rankedas thesecondmajorcauseof disabilityin termsof disabilityadjustedlifeyearsbetween ages15 to 44 yearsforbothgenderscombined.Thus,depressionis viewedas a commondiseasesaffectingat leastonepersonout of fivein theirlifetime. Theyhavebeenreportsthatdepressionis oftenunder-diagnosed in medically […]


Running head: PLAGIARISM 1 October30, 2014. Howcan plagiarism affect professional career beyond doctoral pursuit is an ethical act that reflects one’s dishonesty and lack ofintegrity. The effects of plagiarism transcend the walls of theacademic field to other areas. In particular, plagiarism reflectslack of creativity in accomplishing one’s work. In the modern age,plagiarism has contributed to great loses and […]

Unethical Practices

UNETHICAL PRACTICES 2 Institutional affiliations Article:Primarkfires child worker firms by BBC TrustLink:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2014/08/05/primark-fires-child-worker-by-firms/business/7456897.stm Summary:Primark, a clothing firm in the United Kingdom, has laid offthree Indian suppliers of Indian origin for using child labor toproduce goods. The purveyors, subcontracted small-scale firms, wereutilizing child labor to perform embroidery as well as sequin tasks.A six-month investigation was lead by a BBC`s program, […]

The Thesis of Howard Zinns Columbus the Indian and Human Progress

TheThesis of Howard Zinns Columbus the Indian and Human Progress Inthis thesis &quotColumbus, The Indians and Human Progress&quotHoward Zinn discredits the basic American conviction that ChristopherColumbus was a trailblazing legend, and rather demonstrates theabhorrence’s of how he and his associates exploited the NativeAmericans and misused their kind, imparting nature. He communicatesthe dim side of Columbus` experiences with the […]