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Reviewing the Nude

ReviewingtheNudeNameInstitutionInstructor ReviewingtheNudeQuote “Itis thesymbolicimportanceof thefemalenudeforitbeingtheinternallinkthat holdsobscenityandart.Andthefemalenudecan behavewell,thoughitinvolvesa riskof destabilizing thebasicfoundationsof thesenseof order…Afemalenude,evenifcreatedby a woman,stilltakesthepositionof object/symbol/nude,”(Bostrom andMalik, 1999).Comment Through thequote by Bostrom andMalik, (1999) I thinkthisindicatesan aspectof genderabuseregardingnudity.Suchanaspectregardingthenudemakestheresearcher thinkof howfemalegenderistreatedwhenitcomesto theseartworks.Itraisestheurge to knowthereasonas to whywomenareusedin illustratingthenudesandnot their malecounterparts.Itis not agreeablewith Bostrom andMalik thattheimportanceof femalenudeis thatitbehavesas wellas holdingtheobscenityandart.Itevenhas nobasisfoundationthatevenifthenudeis createdby a ladyitstilltakesits positionofthe symbol.Thequote givesa livelydiscussionregardingsuch an issueof genderandnudityto helpthestudentsincreasetheir […]

IT management

ITmanagement Traceabilityis a model of procedures that contrast certain relationships trendsand link them through similar trends. Relationships that existbetween two parties are traced using a process to ascertain and orconfirm the source of a trend. It is a tool of both verification andevaluation of the standards of procedures and ways to make them moreefficient may be made basing […]


INSEARCH OF BLACK IDENTITY IN UGANDA Thearticle will be analyzed in terms of its strength and weakness andhow well it serves the author’s purpose. Thearticle has a great introduction and takes the reader through theexperience of the writer, right from his home in America to Africawhere he had so long desired to be. Reading the article the reader […]

Persuasive Techniques of the 3 Texts

PERSUASIVE TECHNIQUES OF THE 3 TEXTS 2 PersuasiveTechniques of the 3 Texts PersuasiveTechniques of the 3 Texts Thethree texts argue for the advocacy for the rights of women byadopting different persuasive aspects. The text “fromthe anti-slavery bugle” argues by showing that women can dowhatever men can do from a perspective of an address by a woman tothe president. […]

Civic Literacy

CivicLiteracy StudentName’s CivicLiteracy TheAuthors’ Reasons for Writing Inthe contemporary period, the time allocated for studying socialstudies in most schools has been resourcefully transformed to offerstudents with more time to prepare for authorized reading by thestate as well as doing high-stake tests. Parents together with anumber of scholars recognize the significance of enhanced literacyeducation. Nevertheless, their main concern is […]

Data at Rest Encryption

DATA AT REST ENCRYPTION 12 Dataat Rest Encryption Dataat Rest Encryption Dataat rest encryption is the term used in Information Technology, whichrefers to the inactive data being physically stored using any digitalmechanism including database tools such as spreadsheets, datawarehouses, mobile devices, tapes, archives, and off-site backups,among others. On the other hand, data at rest encryption is referredto as […]

Benefits and Consequences of Civilization

Benefitsand Consequences of Civilization Civilizationentailsa comprehensivedevelopmentof thehumanpotential in allthefacetsof lifespiritual,physical,psychological,moralandintellectual.In orderto attainthispotential, thecollectiveeffortof theentiresocietyis required,andits benefitscannot be limitedto a fewgroupsof individuals.Civilizationshould yieldfruitsto allmembersin thesociety.Eventhoughitmay not affectallthefacetsof lifeby thesamemeasure,its still remainscomprehensiveandinclusive.Therefore,in thisviewcivilizationshould maintaincontinuationandduration,anditfailsto be soifitjustemergesanddisappearswithout anymeaningfulimpactson thelifeof allmembersof thesociety.Thispaperwillexemplifythebenefitsandconsequencesof civilizationas presentedin theepicof Candide bookandGilgamesh book.Weshall seekto supportthepremisethatcivilizationmust comefrom somewhere,through peopleto othercommunitiesandthatiteffectsbenefitallpeoplewithin a givensocialsetup. IntheepicCandide book,wecomeacross a familythat has immeasurablepridein […]

The macroeconomics is responsible to estimate the productivity of

The macroeconomics isresponsible to estimate the productivity of construction industry inmany countries such as UK, Germany and France by includingstatistical data about the numbers of employers and the actual laborfor each one in the different countries where the productivity isaffected by the power of the money from country to another. However,Macroeconomicsis responsible for estimating productivity in most countries […]