1. What are the business activities of Brose Groupand what are the business` critical success factors (CSF`s)?

Session 8: Brose Case Study Questions

  1. What are the business activities of Brose Groupand what are the business’ critical success factors (CSF’s)?

    Brose – Primary Business Activities

    Critical Success factors

    delivering system for vehicle doors

    Many workers

    Delivering systems for lift gates

    Many branches all over the world

    Delivering systems for seat structures

    Delivering systems for electric drive

  2. What operational, management and control, and corporate learning/innovation challenges were faced by Brose during its rapid expansion over the last two decades?

    Brose Activities

    Challenges of Rapid Expansion


    the existing information systems were unable to support the company’s emerging operational

    management and control

    There was lack of standardization and hampered communication among suppliers, plants and customers.

    corporate learning and innovation

    the existing information systems were unable to support corporate learning and innovation

  3. What would be the benefits and the risks of retaining the functional application software found in each Brose location prior to the move to SAP?



    the SAP suite of enterprise software aligned nicely with Brose business operations

    when hiring the SAP experts, it assumed that they will be faithful to its employees and work together openly

    The SAP package afforded better oversight and measurements of brose business operations

    The software suit enabled the brose acquire accurate data about key processes and business performance

  4. What were the benefits and risks of the move to SAP ERP software?



    it has lead to increase in output.

    that the company never had SAP ERP expertise

  5. What steps did they take to minimize the risks associated with this kind of deployment?

    1. . The firm first hired SAP consultants to lead the project.

    2. . the SAP trained the technical staffs

    3. . working together

    4. . creation of an implementation module that the customers can use as a basis for the long term

    5. . In setting up the SAP ERP, Brose adopted many of the database structures and metadata building into the application suite but also incorporated various business rulers and metrics of particular relevant to Brose’s core business processes

    6. . The implementation team then chose a piloted approach to installation.

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