1 Page Reflection on Research on Learning Disabilities

1Page Reflection on Research on Learning Disabilities

Irevised the paper by including a clear thesis, omitted dates on someof the works cited at the end of the research paper, incorporation ofmy experience with my disabled child, proper introduction of eachauthor with their tags, as well as elaborating on some terms (likecritical thinking) that required further explanation.

Thisassignment has helped me overcome my fear of doing any research.Initially, I was unsure of what I would incorporate as my thesis.However, with time I was able to come up with a thesis on my researchafter revisiting my class notes on writing a thesis. I alsoencountered some problems doing research over the internet. In theprevious assignments, I rarely used internet I mostly visited thelibrary and checked for information in the card file. With time, Ifound the search for articles over the internet extremely essay andfast since the search engines on the internet were faster as comparedto searching manually.

Thisassignment has helped me discover that I prefer visual to audiolearning style. I enjoyed and grasped much from reading materialsover the internet. It also helped me know myself better. Undeniably,it has equipped me with several skills necessary for my futurecourses that require thorough research. For instance, I have learntthat any research need patient despite the number of revisionsrequired I did not give up. Instead, such revisions helped me tobetter my writing and research skills. Indeed, this assignment helpedme discover who I really am as a person. I have learned about mypreferred learning style (visual). I have also become more confidentand goal-oriented.