General coordination:

  • Delia Kesner, professor of Université Paris-Diderot
  • Sergio Yovine, CONICET researcher at Universidad de Buenos Aires (DR2 CNRS, on leave).

Participating teams:

Computational Logic

  • Lead researcher: Carlos Areces (CONICET & Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)
  • Team site

Algorithmic Randomness, Kolmogorov Complexity, Problems on Words

  • Lead researcher: Verónica Becher (CONICET & Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Team site

Logics and Dynamics of Programming Languages

  • Lead researcher: Eduardo Bonelli (CONICET & Universidad Nacional de Quilmes)
  • Team site

Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization

  • Lead researcher: Flavia Bonomo (CONICET & Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Team site

Formal Specification, Verification and Implementation of Concurrent Real-Time Embedded Systems

  • Lead researcher: Diego Garbervetsky (CONICET & Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Team site

Combinatorics and analysis of algorithms in number theory, information theory and cryptography

  • Lead researcher: Eda Cesaratto (CONICET & Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento)
  • Team site (under maintenance)

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