Two researchers from U. Nacional de Gral. Sarmiento visit U. Paris Diderot (LIAFA) — May/2014

Eda Cesaratto and Guillermo Matera visit LIAFA as part of an ongoing collaboration with
Julien Clement, Brigitte Vallée, Valérie Berthé and Loick Lhote. They will participate a series of talks that will take place on 26 May and whose details are described below.

Salle commune LIAFA PPS 3052
Bât. Sophie Germain
3ème étage

10h00-10h30 : accueil
10h30-12h30: présentation du projet
Thème 1: Brigitte Vallée (Caen)
Thème 2: Eda Cesaratto (Buenos Aires)
Thème 3: Julien Clément (Caen)
Thème 4: Alfredo Viola (Montevideo)

13h : repas Crous Buffon.

14h30 : G. Matera On the number of elements in families of
univariate polynomials over a finite field with a given factorization pattern

15h30: Alfredo Viola How to find and enumerate k correlation-immune
functions of minimum
weight: an algorithmic approach

19h30 : repas restaurant Dupont (a cote du labo)

27 mai
10h00-12h30 : Eda and Valerie Analysis of some parameters of
interest in Sturmian words

13h : repas Crous Buffon

14h30 : Brigitte Vallée On periodic trajectories