LIA INFINIS Workshop — UBA — 14/Nov/2013

LIA INFINIS Workshop is scheduled to take place at the Departamento de Computación, FCEyN, UBA on 14 November 2013. The room is aula 5 and it will start at 9:45.  The program is included below. You are welcome to attend

Speaker Affiliation Title
9:45:00 Delia Kesner, Sergio Yovine Welcome
10:00:00 Pablo Heiber UBA A computational perspective on normal numbers
10:30:00 Carlos Lombardi UNQ, UBA Proof-terms for infinitary rewriting
11:00:00 Flavia Bonomo UBA Minimum weight clique cover in claw-free perfect graphs
11:30:00 Coffee
12:00:00 Thibaut Balabonski INRIA Weak Optimality, and the Meaning of Sharing
12:30:00 Esteban Pavese UBA Quantitative analysis of partial verification efforts
13:00:00 Edgardo Zoppi UBA Quantitative analysis of .NET programs to infer heap memory consumption
13:30:00 Delia Kesner, Sergio Yovine Closing remarks