LIA INFINIS Workshop — UBA — 14/Nov/2013

LIA INFINIS Workshop is scheduled to take place at the Departamento de Computación, FCEyN, UBA on 14 November 2013. The room is aula 5 and it will start at 9:45.  The program is included below. You are welcome to attend

Speaker Affiliation Title
9:45:00 Delia Kesner, Sergio Yovine Welcome
10:00:00 Pablo Heiber UBA A computational perspective on normal numbers
10:30:00 Carlos Lombardi UNQ, UBA Proof-terms for infinitary rewriting
11:00:00 Flavia Bonomo UBA Minimum weight clique cover in claw-free perfect graphs
11:30:00 Coffee
12:00:00 Thibaut Balabonski INRIA Weak Optimality, and the Meaning of Sharing
12:30:00 Esteban Pavese UBA Quantitative analysis of partial verification efforts
13:00:00 Edgardo Zoppi UBA Quantitative analysis of .NET programs to infer heap memory consumption
13:30:00 Delia Kesner, Sergio Yovine Closing remarks

Course on rewriting by Pierre Lescanne (ENS, Lyon) in XX Escuela de Verano de Ciencias Informáticas — 18 to 23 February 2013

The traditional summer school in Computer Science held annually at the campus of the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto (Provincia de Córdoba, República Argentina) in its XX edition, will include a course partially supported by INFINIS: Pierre Lescanne (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France) will give a course on rewriting and lambda calculus. For further details pleas consult

Buenos Aires Semester in Computability, Complexity and Randomness — 2013S1

Buenos Aires Semester in Computability Complexity and Randomness, January to June 2013
The Semester will take place at the new Polo Cientifico Tecnológico (ex de Bodegas Giol).
INFINIS parraine et certains de ses membres participent à diverses activités, notamment le comité, l’organisation scientifique locale et chercheurs invités.
Les organisateurs locaux: Verónica Becher y Santiago Figueira.
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INFINIS Meeting as satellite event of WoLLIC — 7 September 2012

An INFINIS meeting will be held at the at Aula 7 of the Departamanto de Computación (Pabellón I, Ciudad Universitaria), of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, from 9am to 14am on September 7th. For more information please visit

Semester in Computability Complexity and Randomness will be held in Buenos Aires — January-June 2013

From January to June 2013 the Semester in Computability Complexity and Randomness will be held in Buenos Aires, organized programatically by Theodore Slaman (USA), Antonio Montalbán (USA) Noam Greenberg (NZ), Joseph Miller (USA), and locally by the INFINIS members Verónica Becher and Santiago Figueira. Also Serge Grigorieff is part of the event and Laurent Bienvenu and Benoit Monin will participate in the program.